America's Cup Yacht Challenger Valkyrie II

Item# 364
Size: 17.4" X 17.4"
$ 525.00
Shipping: $ 65
Hand made America's ship challenger VALKYRIE II.
Sails are cut from archival water color paper, hull hand cut from silhouette paper, rigging & birds hand cut from silhouette & ledger pages.
Background especially designed from my collections of astronomy engravings and a 1857 Baltimore invoice.
Valkyrie II was the 8th challenger in 1893, English 117' .
Lost to Vigilant (I have made Vigilant), built by D & W Henderson & Co; Patrick-on-Clyde, Scotland. Owner Lord Dunraven.
Hand made wide frame from poplar wood with a vinegar/powder pigment grained finish.

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